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Director / Manager of Peak Fitness Huskisson

Hugely energetic with an infectious passion for life and fitness. Shelby grew up in a life around sport and fitness from a young age. Playing representative hockey from the age of 10, and completing her Certificate 3 by the time she was 15.

Shelby made the move to Sydney when she was 18 years old, and began working for one of the largest known fitness clubs worldwide. Here she gained a lot of experience and knowledge on all things health and fitness through working alongside a vast range of trainers and nutritionists.

She personally subscribes to the benefits of high intensity interval and weight training. However, is highly intuitive in tailoring personal fitness programs to the individual and deeply believes in meeting the client where they are at and inspiring them to reach their goals. She has lived and breathed fitness her whole life and thrives on sharing and igniting that passion within others.